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Getting Started

Before building your site, better take a look at this section.


In the demo contents, you will find some different Footers used in

Banca Options

Set It And Forget It.  This section will provide you an in-depth

Widgets / Sidebars

The theme supports multiple location sidebar areas. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets to see available

Tips / Guides / Troubleshoots

You may find here your solution. So we request to check here


Supposed to be commonly asked questions and troubleshoot tricks are in this


Avatar of ewoudio
Marzo 31, 2022

Hello, is it possible to nog use a logo but a text instead as site branding? I do nog have a logo yet.

Avatar of Arif Rahman
Arif Rahman
Marzo 31, 2022


Yes, The text logo has supported by default. It will be displayed only after removing or missing the image logo from the logo option.


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